A lot of local flavour in this week’s menu!

It was great sourcing the ingredients for this week’s menu at the market on Saturday – We grabbed ingredients from My Pride Farms, Root Cellar Gardens, Belluz Farms, Debruins, Sunrise Meat + Sausage, White Fish Valley, Brule Creek, and Big Lake Pasta!

Join us upstairs today, from 3:30- 6:30 and enjoy:

Pork Egg Rolls with Hot Mustard or Plum Sauce – 2/$5

Carrot Pumpkin Soup with Maple Creme Fraiche + Savory Brule
Creek Scone – Lg $7, Sm $4

Local My Pride Farms Veal in Hunter Sauce over Buttered Big Lake Pasta Pappardelle Noodles + Savoury Brule Creek Scone – Dinner Portion $12

Caramel Apple Cider – $2

Peanut Butter OR Ginger Cookies – 3/$2 or 12/$6
savoury-brule-creek-scones veal-in-hunter-sauce veal-in-hunter-sauce-prep