Consider Having it Catered!


Consider Having it Catered!

By Jennifer Biron Owner – Redhead & The Chef Catering

Many people enjoy planning a special party for their friends and family, but let’s face it, it is a lot of work; from inviting your guests, choosing the theme and decorations, to cleaning your house or finding the perfect venue and every detail in between. It all takes time and money. Even when a budget is established, the fear of running out of food and drink takes over and people end up spending more than needed.

It can go something like this; after weeks of planning and running around the day arrives and it is time for the party! It is time to start cooking, cleaning and setting everything up. As guests arrive, you are running through everything in your head making sure that everything is where it should be. You greet your guests, take their coats, offer them something to drink and ensure they have a comfortable place to sit. After a short visit, you are back at the door and doing it all over again. Once everyone has arrived, you disappear into the kitchen to get the food ready. When the meal is served you’re the last person to sit down and then the first one to get up to start clearing the dishes. Even with a few people that are willing to help clean up you are the last one to join the party. By the end of the evening you realize you did not even get to enjoy most of your company. You may feel like you totally missed the party and did not even have a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Does this sound familiar?

For your next special occasion consider having it catered! Many people believe that catering costs more money then doing it yourself, when in reality it does not have to be expensive and can even save you money and will most definitely save you time.

Working with a catering company will help you plan the perfect party and assist you with all the little details that are often over looked. They will consult with you about the menu and make suggestions on what to serve and how much is appropriate for your party, as well as how the meal should be presented and served. Many catering companies offer additional services such as linen rentals, service staff and bartenders etc. These additional services will cost you a little more money but can offer you peace of mind. With your guests taken care of, you can sit back and enjoy their company.


No matter how you look at it, planning a party and shopping for all the supplies, costs money! Remember, parties and special events are what a catering company specializes in and can be your best investment. Let their years of experience guide you in creating an evening that your friends and family will talk about for years to come!